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The Launch Event

We are thrilled to announced that our long awaited launch event is finally here! This sees the first ever ‘Escape No Room’ tournament with teams competing in our brand new Board Games hub to be the first to access the Master Safe.

It’s an escape room style event without the room, enabling you to explore some of the building as you hunt for clues. The winning team will receive a free escape the room experience for when we open our first actual room in early 2020.

Tickets are £10 per person and include drinks and refreshments. Minimum team size 4, maximum team size 8. Recommended team size is 4, booked teams of 7 or more can split into 2 smaller teams on the same table and go head to head.

Each person will need a set of headphones and one smart phone per team will also be needed to facilitate gameplay.

***Exclusive event with limited ticket availability - BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment!!***

The Details:

Date: 14th December 2019
Time: 7:00pm
Address: 22 Abbey Street, Nuneaton CV11 5BT
Required: 1 Smartphone per team and 1 set of headphones per person

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The Abbey Vault

What is "Escape No Room"?

Fusing together a board game with "Escape the Room" style immersivity led us to develop the interactive "Escape No Room" to complement our traditional Escape Rooms. Our first creation is "Escape No Room – The Abbey Vault". Whilst it may start as a table game, do not expect to remain seated for long… Adventure awaits!

You and your team will have one hour to solve clues located in the master lock box you start with and at various other places around our stunning venue. Gameplay involves solving visual puzzles, following the storyline and "thinking outside the lockbox" in order to complete your mission before any other team. Thrills, competition, strategy and head scratching are all a guaranteed part of your fun filled ride through "Escape No Room", an exclusive collaboration between House of Games and House of Escapes.

Escape No Room - The Abbey Vault

When the Cleric of the Abbey invites your team to oversee the transfer of a rare artefact from its vault, you are expecting a simple supervisory job. On arriving at the Abbey, the Cleric is nowhere to be seen and the stunning building appears empty. As you investigate, you find your name listed on a locked box left for you, and your journey into unravelling the Abbey Vault begins…

Alternative Launch Event Dates

If you've tried to book to come to the launch event and there are no spaces left, or you'd like to come but can't come on Saturday evening, please fill in the form below and we'll be in touch if/when we add another event - likely to be Saturday afternoon and/or Friday evening.