Covid-19 Measures

We have put a number of measures in place to protect our customers and staff against the spread of Covid-19. We know how risky it can feel to come out during the pandemic, and we want all our customers to have peace of mind that we're doing everything we can to keep you safe. So, what have we done?


We have Hand Santiser in the Escape Room, on each table in the Board Games Hub, at the front door and throughout the building.

air-purifier (1)

We have AIRsteril Units in the Escape Room and Board Games Hub. They use UV technology to clean the air, killing bacteria and viruses including Covid-19.  


Where possible, we have used Anti-Microbial items in the Escape Room for the office props including the folders, trays, main keyboard and main mouse.   


All the Paperwork in the Escape Room is Swapped between games and quarantined for at least 24 hours before being used again.   


The Surfaces and Props in the Escape Room are Wiped Down between games with Dettol anti-bacterial wipes which are effective on Covid-19. 


Tables in the Board Games Hub and Briefing Room are Wiped Down between uses. The Toilets are checked between parties and Cleaned regularly. We also wipe down Door Handles, Bannister Rails, Lockers, Locker Keys and other regularly touched surfaces. 


All customers who show us their vaccine passport or are under 13 will not need to wear masks at all on site. Customers who do not have a vaccine passport, need to wear a mask in the common areas where we do not have AIRsteril units. Please contact us in advance if you are exempt and have not been double vaccinated.


All our Board Games are quarantined after being used for 48 hours. If you wish to play a game which is in quarantine, we will alert you to its status and you can decide whether you wish to choose a different option. 

distance (1)

We have restricted the number of players in the Escape Room to 6 and reduced the number of tables in the Board Games Hub to allow for better Social Distancing.  


We have increased the time between games to allow for better Air Recycling and more time to Clean.   


Our waivers can be signed on your own devices making them contact-free.  

booking (1)

All our customers are pre-booked so we can manage the number of people on site and ensure we are at a safe capacity.   


We have relaxed our rescheduling policy to enable you to rearrange your booking in case of covid-19 symptoms, self-isolation, or another lockdown. Please do not attend site if you have any symptoms of covid-19 or have been told to self-isolate. 


On very busy days we have Sanitiser Bombs to set off. Not only do these clean the room killing 99.9% of viruses and bacteria including Covid-19, they also provide forward protection for up to 24 hours after being set off.