The Abbey Vault Floorplan

Select one of the rooms on the floorplan to begin your quest.

The Abbey Vault Floorplan
The Atrium The Chapel The Prayer Room The Lobby The Entrance Hall The Grand Staircase The Upper Stairs The Vault The Great Hall

The Atrium

If you want to solve the puzzles in the Atrium, you'll need to start at 2 across, 2 down. To unlock the secret of The Atrium, enter the 4 digit code from the final puzzle. P.S. You will need to work as a team and use more than one thing at once to solve this room.

The Chapel

You'll need to decode the hidden message to get started in this room. To unlock the secret of The Chapel, enter the 3 digit code from the final puzzle. P.S. There are 3 steps and 1 hint to this puzzle.

The Prayer Room

Start with the message displayed in plain sight. At the end of the final puzzle, you'll find out who I am. But what do I do? To unlock the secret of The Prayer Room, enter the answer to the question in capitals. P.S. It's a 7 letter word.

The Lobby

Where the 3 shields meet, you will find the solution to 4521. To unlock the secret of The Lobby, enter the solution in capitals. P.S. You'll need to stand back a step and look from a distance...

The Entrance Hall

Look high and low to find what you need here in the Entrance Hall. To unlock the secret of The Entrance Hall, enter the solution in the format 1-2-3 from the final puzzle. 1 is a word in capital letters and 2 and 3 are 4 digit numbers.

The Grand Staircase

Everything you need can be found within the stairwell. To unlock the secret of The Grand Staircase, enter the word in capitals from the final puzzle. P.S. There are 4 pieces of information you'll need to find to solve this.

The Upper Stairs

To unlock the secret of The Upper Stairs, the password is made up of two parts. It takes the form 1-2. Both parts are words in capital letters.

1) Start at /II/III. From there: a) 14 up, left b) 10 down, right c) 3 down, left.

2) IIII = North. Red, Orange, Green, Blue.

The Vault

You cannot venture here until you have understood all the secrets of the Abbey.
To earn access to our prestigious Vault, you must enter the 4 digit password.
The password can be found by retracing your steps.
Peter Benedict + Christopher Maltby + Paul Shaw + Thomas Cookson - Cedric Charles - Richard Knight - Luke Smythe

The Great Hall

This is where you started, and solved your lock box. You are welcome to come back to your table as much as you want. Don't forget the items you found locked away.