Are you actually open?

Unfortunately not. The premises we were in the process of signing for unfortunately fell through and we have yet to find something else suitable. Watch this space and sign up to our newsletter to keep posted


What is Escape the Room?

You and a team of friends are locked into the room of your choice. You have one hour to solve the clues, complete the puzzles to try and locate the exit to escape. It’s like being in a movie or videogame, but in real life. Don’t worry if you fail to escape, we will release you… eventually!

Do you really lock people inside a room?

No. Whilst the exit is securely locked and must be solved, the entry door to any game is left unlocked in case of emergency. Players may exit the experience at any time, but please note, those choosing to leave are not permitted to re-enter the room and their experience ends there.


What is the minimum/maximum team size for each game room?

Most games are available for teams of 2 – 8 players but some specify a minimum of 4. It’s worth knowing that less players means less chance of success. Each game has a recommended number of players.

Is there an age restriction?

Yes – some games specify a minimum age of 16 and some 10 years of age. Some of our games contain adult themes and are designed for adult gameplay. These ages are a recommended guideline only and it is your responsibility if you choose to bring in underaged children. Small children are not permitted into our game rooms for safety reasons. View the game details to find out if the experience you wish to book is suitable for the age range of your group. Please note that all children under 16 will need a chaperone on site. Those 12 and under will need a chaperone in the room - a non-playing chaperone can be included for free.

Can I bring my baby?

Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate babies within our games rooms. Game play is intense, and lighting, sound levels and special effects are prominent in all games.


Can I pre-book before you open?

Yes! Head over to our Crowdfunding page where you can buy your game in advance. As soon as we have a launch date, we will notify you and you can book your slot.

How do I book and pay?

All bookings are done online using our automated booking system which allows payment by card. If there are any problems with the system, call us on 07474 080766 and we will do your booking over the phone. Please note that our phone line is not always manned. Please note that we do not accept walk-in bookings. For all last minute games, please call us on the number above.

How much is it?

The game costs are listed on the bookings page. These consist of a peak and off-peak game price including 4 players and a cost for additional players.

Can I book more than 8 players?

Yes, but you need to be split into teams of a maximum of 8 players and book multiple slots/rooms.

Can I add more players at a later date?

You can add more players to your escape at any point by notifying us and paying the difference. If the additional players would take your group to above 8, we would need to split your booking across 2 slots/rooms subject to availability. To speed up arrival times, please book additional players in advance rather than on arrival. If you have booked for less than 4 players and are adding players within the 4, we would still appreciate advance notice to ensure we have the room readied accordingly.

Do you offer a discount for large parties?

If your group is larger than 20, we may be able to do you a discount on an off-peak slot. Please enquire via the additional details section on the booking form stating the number of guests and we will see what we can do.

Can I book food as well?

We will be offering a full range of packages from basic through to the full VIP treatment including food, additional activities, decor and other treats! These will be launched when our function room is available. Get in touch to find out more.

Can I cancel my booking or reschedule a new session?

If more than a week in advance, you can usually reschedule a booking (subject to availability) but once booked, games are non-refundable

Do you do Corporate Team Building?

Corporate Team Building will be offered by TimeSquared Ltd, our primary company. Please contact us on 07474 080966 or enquiries@timesquaredltd.com for any corporate bookings in the meantime.


What is the dress code?

We recommend you dress for comfort. Some of our games are quite physical so use your common sense and dress accordingly. When we play escape rooms, we sport jeans, trainers and a hoody!

Is there anywhere nearby for food or drink?

In the immediate area there are limited facilities however we do offer a selection of hot and cold beverages and light snacks and refreshments on site at additional charge. We also have party packages which include food. We are a short distance from Atherstone town centre where there are plenty of options available.


How do I find you?

Please see the section on our Contact Us page for directions. This will be live as soon as our premises are confirmed. When you arrive on site, please use the pavements to walk to our unit which is on the right hand side of the estate in the back section.

Where should we park?

There is a large car park at the front of the estate accessed by the left hand entrance. Please park there and use the pavements to walk to our unit which is on the right hand side of the estate in the back section.

Can I use public transport?

Yes, there is both a bus and train service within walking distance. Please see details on the Contact Us page which will be live as soon as our premises are confirmed.

What time should I arrive?

We advise arriving around 5-10 minutes before your slot to allow you time to park, locate the unit and get booked in.

What happens if we're late?

Please allow plenty time to travel, park and find us. Being late may result in us having to cut your escape short to prevent delaying later parties and we’d hate to do this, it will spoil your experience!


How long does it last?

Each experiences lasts a total of around 1 hour and 45 minutes with the escape itself lasting for 1 hour. If you are using public transport, we recommend allowing 2 hours. Party packages will last for longer, depending on exactly what you’ve booked.

Can I take my personal belongings in with me?

No personal belongings can be taken into the room including phones, wallets, bags and coats. Please note that smart watches, cam glasses, cameras and any other form of recording/communication equipment are also not permitted in the room. This list is not exhaustive.

Can I take photo or record video in the room?

You cannot take any photos, videos or any form of recording in the room. All our games operate under a cloud of secrecy, as do other escape room companies, and we'd hate for you to spoil it for others. Please note that we have a zero tolerance policy on this and anyone in breach will be asked to leave and will have to surrender any footage captured. There will be a photo opportunity after your game which you can save and share from one of our social media sources.

What if I need the toilet during the game?

You are given ample opportunity to use the facilities before the game starts but as mentioned above, in case of any emergency (even a bathroom one) you can leave the room, but your game would then unfortunately be over.

Can I take food and drink into the room?

Sealed bottles of water may be taken into the room. There will be some available for purchase on site should you forget to bring one, subject to availability. We do not permit food in our escape rooms.

Can I bring alcohol on site and do you sell it?

We are not licensed and no alcohol is permitted on site. You will need your wits about you to play our games, so we advise that you bring all your faculties! Please note that those clearly under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be permitted onto our facilities or may be asked to leave the site due to safety restrictions.


What should I expect from my game in terms of content?

All our games contain puzzles, strategy, logic, treasure hunting and some physical elements. There is something for everybody, from the intellect to the adventurer. The MO of our games revolves around a virtual character with regular audio and video interactions to enhance your experience. We want you to be completely immersed in a different world! Underneath each escape room trailer video, there is a bar of information informing you what style of game it is and how tricky it will be to escape. Please note none of our games are horror but some are quite intense.

Games and puzzles aren't really my thing, will I enjoy it?

We understand that playing an escape room might not seem like fun to everyone. Don’t be confused – escape rooms are not just for geeks and gamers but are fast becoming the number 1 activity for both leisure fun and corporate team building. We have gone above and beyond to ensure that there is something for everyone in all of our games – from word puzzles to number games, physical challenges to treasure hunting, audio and video clues, code breaking and a whole lot more. Each game listing will give you more information about the content in each. Why not taste and see? The proof is in the pudding and you might be pleasantly surprised.

Is it scary?

This is not a scare experience and both children and claustrophobics have played without incident.

I am claustrophobic, can I play?

Yes. As mentioned above, the main door to the room is not locked for safety reasons and can be used at any time during the game HOWEVER, players exiting the game are not permitted to re-enter and their experience ends there. Some games are spacious rooms with good light and others have themes such as mine shafts with tunnels and lifts etc. Alongside the trailer for each game is a claustrophobia rating. Within each game there may be elements involving small spaces, but not all players are required to participate in these sections. Within seconds of entering our games you will be too busy having fun to worry. Our director David is quite claustrophobic and has taken this factor into consideration whilst designing the rooms and their contents.


Are you Disabled Friendly?

Whilst we design our games to be as inclusive as possible, not all games and areas offer disabled access.

As a first port of call, please see our accessibility statement which will be published when we are open. If you still have any questions or requirements, please contact us to discuss further. Disability is close to our heart and we will endeavour to do what we can to accommodate you.

Is it possible to access the rooms using a wheelchair?

Many of our games involve physical aspects that cannot be completed or operated by wheelchair users however, as part of a team, there is usually plenty of gameplay for our disabled visitors to enjoy. Once on site, all of our facilities are currently on the ground floor. Please see our Accessibility Statement for further information which will be published when we are open.