House of Escapes is proud to be the home of the Interactive, Immersive Escape Room.

We're part of TimeSquared Ltd, a corporate team building company who bought out Escapism Live, formerly situated in Nuneaton. We are delighted to be presenting 5 rooms over the next few years.

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Choose Your Mission

Conspiracy Logo


You are the first responders to an emergency situation. The site appears deserted, but the people aren’t the only thing that’s been hidden. With the nearest back up an hour away, can you uncover the truth and prove what happened… or will you get buried in evidence?

Escape the Curlew Study Logo

Legacy of Francis Curlew

The late, world-renowned Magician Francis Curlew left behind a challenge: anyone who can identify and retrieve a priceless artefact from his mansion will unlock the secrets of his home and his magic. Will you rise to the challenge and maybe even uncover the mystery behind his untimely death?

MindShaft Logo


You’ve agreed to retrieve a family fortune for an old man in return for a cut. The hidden treasure can only be accessed by entering a mineshaft that was abandoned decades ago. Its original owner has set traps and lured you deep into a mine where the air is running out. Your sponsor has clues and hints that can help but his interest lies only in getting back what is his. You must choose between finding riches and getting yourselves out before you all perish…

Lord Curlew's Challenge Logo


As Earth reaches capacity, a new home planet is found for those representing the best of mankind. An advanced computer system has been developed to determine who gets to go. Only those scoring highly enough against the machine’s fiendish challenges will prove their worth and earn their place. Will you be part of this elite group? Step inside LogiQube and determine your fate…

Who Can Play?

Family and Friends
Put your relationships to the test and see if you've got what it takes to work together and escape the room!

Take your celebrations to the next level and pit your wits against each other to see who will take the prize!

Geeks and Gamers
Love games? Level up and experience live game play - can you stand the pressure when the heat is on?

Corporate Team Building
Does your team really work? Find out if you really are cohesive in a fun environment that emulates real world problems.